Niklas Walentin

“Music is a peculiar language. Humans often speak of “birdsong”, and that the sound of the wind going through the trees and the waves of the oceans can be like “sweet music to our ears”. This particular movement from Sonata No. 5 by Eugéne Ysaÿe, l’Aurore, describes the break of dawn to the sun breaking through. It is ment from the composer, that the listener is to experience how everything comes to life; birds, insects and the wind pulling through the bushes.

To be given the chance of taking this piece back into the nature, has been an incredible and truly enriching experience. Playing in the very source, that was the inspiration for the creation of the piece. Despite the many difficult challenges that comes when performing under open sky, it has been a unique way to experience with the composer’s “own words”, what he has felt, thought and heard.”

Sonata No. 5 by Eugéne Ysaÿe, is dedicated to is favourite student, Mathieu Crickboom, who was a rising star on the violin when Ysaÿe composed the piece. It is a part of the the 6 sonatas for solo violin, composed by Ysaÿe in 1923. Swiss/danish violinist Niklas Walentin, has for the record company Naxos, recorded the collected sonatas, including the hitherto unknown sonata. The album with all 7 seven sonatas is released September 2020.” – Niklas Walentin

Møn Sessions from the beginning always was a creative outlet to push our ideas and boundaries in the blend between live music, video and nature – and the experience that comes when you bring those things together.

For the session with Niklas Walnetin we decided to try something new. While all sessions are recorded live on location and what you hear is what you you see, with Niklas Walentin we decided to record basically two separate sessions at two locations, but with the same piece. In the editing process, we blended those two sessions together to create something new. While the music you hear is always the recorded music from the location that you see, the blend of both locations allowed for a more dynamic back and forth between the alive and sunny location of Nordfeld before sunset and the more quiet and moody location of Nyord after sunset. With that we could tell a more complex story, that would have been impossible with just one of the locations and makes the differences the locations make for the sound and feel of the music more obvious.

For comparison, you can see both sessions individually below.

29 June 2019 – Nordfelt & Nyord

John Fomsgaard – sound mix