For our annual gardenparty we booked ‘Isländërs’ to play a concert in the evening. Few weeks before we thought; why not make it into ‘August session’. So when dinner was done everybody was asked to come join the making of the session. We rehearsal the singing along once while two guest called Hjalte and Morten was asked to handel a camera 10 minutes before shooting. Very improvised and a lot of fun! Probably it won’t be the last time we shoot at the gardenparty. – Emile Carlsen


On the bier lies Jón
There are lit candles all around
Is my eyesight going bad?
Or are the people dancing around him in a circle

Very few people knew this countryside man
Who fell in the river and died
Incredibly drunk as always
He went to heaven but the people laugh

On the bier…

All his life he was a loser
From farm to farm he went begging
And when he finally died
Everyone celebrated in the countryside

On the bier…

Tomorrow they burry the poor punk
Mildly smiles Shire’s leaders
He brings forth a bottle and offers a drink
He pounds the podium and offers snuff

(Bier = a movable frame on which a coffin or a corpse is placed before burial or cremation or on which they are carried to the grave.)
(Snuff = powdered tobacco that is sniffed up the nostril rather than smoked: a pinch of snuff.)

Teitur Magnússon – vocal & guitar
Mads Mouritz – vocal & guitar
Cisser Mæhl – banjo
Jacob Funch – percussion
Johan Segerberg – cello
Hal Parfitt-Murray – violin
Torben Sloth Carlsen – mandolin
Joel Gjærsbøl – organ

Summer Party Choir

Hjalte Flagstad & Morten Rikard