Alena Walentin & Anne Denholm

I couldn’t have asked for a better motivation for my first ever trip to Denmark. The Møn countryside looked absolutely stunning and the temperature ideal for playing outside. My scars have only just gone from the buzzing and biting flies however! Beautiful music, beautiful scenery, amazing videographers, wonderful people and collaborators – what more could an artist ask for?! – Anne Denholm

A warm evening with the sun slowly setting, awaking thousands of flying creatures starting their dance in the air of the gorgeous nature of Møn – the ambience at the setting really was most magical. Having only one warm up session and then one take being all you have in terms of recording the sound, reminded me of how the recording industry used to be a long time ago and that what what you hear is so absolutely real – there is something special and nostalgic about it. Apart from the fantastic videographers Emile and Simon who were so lovely and easy to work with, at the top of the hill we had an audience of our very nearest and dearest and it felt more like a concert for these people very special to us. – Alena Walentin

Anne Denholm – harp
Alena Walentin – flute

June 2018 – Close to Karensby

Bjørn Meldgaard