Anna Kruse

“When the black clouds marched across the sky
A mother sat awake and a child slept.
And an angel´s voice sang in the night´s silence
the praise of all the worlds.

And the young mother heard an echo
Most deeply within her the night´s silent praise:
O how the world grew out to every latitude
While the little one slept!”

The poet Edith Södergran (1892-1923) never got children of her own – that’s heard to believe when you hear this poem. I love her way of mirroring the “inner nature”, in her poetry, with the real trees, lakes, stars and oceans. To sing her word out in the nature felt like “coming home”.
It was a special day with Mia and Emile in the forest. A mild November’s day but suddenly when you stand still the cold gets to you. The resonance was so beautiful, especially the sound of the trombone between the trees, touched me. The song is from the third album in a trilogy where I composed music to the lyrics of Edith Södergran.

– Anna Kruse

Anna Kruse – vocal & pedal organ
Mia Birch Engsager – Trombone