Ida Wenøe

“It was one of those September days where it’s impossible to trust the Danish weather. The sun and the clouds and the rain, constantly fighting each other. Emile and I had a talk about it, and it wasn’t long before we convinced each other that we would make that a part of the video, as a poetic comment to the song with the line “gently let in the light”. Come what may. So through the pouring rain we drove, and all of a sudden, in the middle of the highway the car breaks down… We sit there for a while swearing, staring, partly joking and not joking about doing the video right there on the side of the highway. But something is on our side and finally we are on our way again. We end up by this beautiful opening through the woods and out to the sea, where the shifting weather and the signs it has left on it’s surroundings, makes for an almost surreal setting. On the sheep skin I swap my scarf around my head and tell Emile that it feels like I’ve been sitting here since the beginning of time singing with the sea, just waiting for someone to come by and hear my song. This someone was Emile and Møn Sessions.”
– Ida Wenøe

Ida Wenøe – vocal & guitar

Pomlerende / north coast