Bjarke Falgren & Paolo Russo

February became the month where world famous violin player Svend Asmussen died weeks before his 101st birthday. Svends wife Ellen wrote an introduction for this video:

Svend Asmussen, my husband, designated Bjarke Falgren as his heir on jazz violin and Bjarke really illustrates why here on “Nadja,” a composition Svend created after meeting this actress famous for doing a striptease in Fellini’s film, “La Dolce Vita.” Bjarke and the talented Paolo Russo’s arrangement and performance are in Svend’s spirit and with his energy: they are sexy, swinging, warm, melodious, funny, charismatic — all Svend’s qualities too — and for 6 minutes Svend was here, smiling with content. Thanks for reviving him for us.
– Ellen Bick Asmussen

Bjarke Falgren – violin
Paolo Russo – bandoneon